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An opportunity to develop new skills, build confidence and resilience in this free virtual training programme. A flexible learning structure designed to suit you. Black Sheep Collective have been awarded a Community Grant funded by the European Social Fund to deliver a Creative Business Training program for individuals who are currently economically inactive or not in training or education. To program will be open to individuals from the Semlep areas including Milton Keynes, Northampton,….. Milton Keynes Local News…

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Milton Keynes Newsie – Privacy Policy

Milton Keynes Newsie (MKN) – PRIVACY POLICY Milton Keynes Newsie (MKN) has collaborated with Mine International Limited (MIL), via an MIL authorised Value Added Reseller, to provide a customised and branded version of the MIL Application Software (MAS) to end users. Please find the Privacy Policy that applies to your use of the MIL Application Software (MAS) here. Please find any extra privacy information that relates to your usage of the MKN-specific version of the MAS below: Milton Keynes ….. Milton Keynes Local News…

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