Beauty, Hair and Health in Milton Keynes

Take some time out from the stresses and strains of day-to-day life with one of spa treatments, or fully indulge with a spa day in the heart of Milton Keynes. Spa centres here offer a range of massages, facials, beauty and body treatments from as little as 25 minutes long - however much time you have to spend with them, they will show you what it means to be pampered.

Bannatyne Health Club & Spa

Bannatyne Health Club and Spa in Milton Keynes

Relax the mind, soothe the soul and lift the spirit. In a world increasingly cluttered with noise and stress, stepping into the Bannatyne Spa where men and women alike can completely relax and unwind provides the perfect antidote to modern day life.
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Beauty Lodge Spa

Beauty Lodge Spa in Milton Keynes

Beauty Lodge Spa in Great Holm is located beside the beautiful Lodge Lake. The salon is owned by Tai who strives to create the perfect salon pampering experience, offering both face and body treatments.
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Champneys City Spa

Champneys City Spa in Milton Keynes

The city spa is a peaceful haven of relaxation in the middle of The Centre: MK. You’ll find them upstairs in Boots, where their highly trained therapists will welcome you to their comfortable treatment rooms.
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